Road to Artdom is proud to offer fiscal sponsorship for organizations that are empowering artists. We provide organizations that are engaged in work that relates to our mission with tax-exempt status, financial and legal oversight, and administrative services.

Program Overview

Our fiscal sponsorship program is an effective way for artists to start up and operate a nonprofit arts organization without filing for their own 501(c)(3) status. Our service allows you to focus on your project while we handle the paperwork.

We offer two types of fiscal sponsorship relationships described below:

Comprehensive Fiscal Sponsorship

(Model A)

Through this relationship, your project will become a direct program of Road to Artdom and we will maintain all legal and fiduciary responsibility for your project, including employees and project activities. We charge a 15% fee for this service.

Pre-Approved Grant Fiscal Sponsorship

(Model C)

Through this relationship, your project does not become a program belonging to Road to Artdom, and instead, is a separate entity responsible for managing its own tax reporting and liability issues but Road to Artdom will ensure that you will use the grant funds received to accomplish the work described in your grant proposal. We charge a 10% fee for this service.

Our fiscal sponsorship service provides you with the following:

Reimbursement processes

501(c)(3) status

Bank account

Invoice processing & accounts receivable/payable

    • Model A only

Custom donation page

Donor substantiation

Financial statements for your project

Do you qualify for fiscal sponsorship with Road to Artdom? See below:

You must be an Artist, Creative, or Arts Organization

You must be creating a nonprofit project

We support art-related projects that must (1) match our mission statement, (2) be charitable according to the rules of the IRS, and (3) offer programs in the one of the following service areas:

  Arts & Culture


  Youth Development

  Civic Engagement

 Mental Health

In addition, projects must also provide support to one or more of the following groups:

  People of color


  LGBTQ community

  Low-income communities


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